Westbound Business Loans

Offering all the traditional commercial loan products, Westbound works with you to find the strategy and financial solution to reach your goals. And, because Westbound Business Loans are originated locally, you get prompt loan decisions from the bankers who know you best. Whether you're a small company getting off the ground or an established business looking to open a new location, team up with Westbound to make your next big idea a reality.

Traditional Business Loan Options

Working Capital Lines of Credit

For immediate access to cash for a variety of short-term business financing needs, including working capital, inventory purchase, financing receivables, obtaining trade discounts and more.

Term Loans

For expenditures and long-term financing needs, such as fixed asset purchases, we offer term loans with flexible repayment terms at customized rates and fees.

Commercial Real Estate

For property purchase or refinance for both commercial and industrial real estate, including commercial office buildings, industrial warehouses, industrial manufacturing facilities and more.

Construction Loans

For land acquisition and residential, office and industrial construction projects.

Equipment Loans

For financing new or used equipment.



Westbound Aircraft Loans

For the transportation means or for the thrill.

For more information on aircraft loans contact:

Robert Kramer

Valerie Hightower

Westbound SBA Loans

Our fast and easy SBA loan approval process helps you secure the financing to move your business forward.

Purchase or construct owner-occupied commercial real estate, refinance or consolidate debts, or fund inventory, working capital and closing costs with a small business loan from Westbound. Expect approval from us in three to five business days of receiving your application and funding in as soon as 45 − 60 days.

  • Loan Amounts up to $5 Million
  • Low Down Payments
  • Long Repayment Terms
  • Reduced Cash Flow Requirements
  • Cash Injections as Low as 10%
  • Terms at Competitive Rates

Contact Our SBA Team:


Alicia Riviere
D: 713.559.2243
F: 713.349.0132